piano transportation Rome - Colibazzi Traslochi Roma dal 1960

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piano transportation Rome

Traslochi Internazionali Roma


The transportation of a piano or grand piano, such fragile and expensive instruments is a separate kind of service. Knowledge of general moving and transportation of furniture does not prepare one for moving this magnificent musical instrument, pianos or grand pianos necessarily demand you pay special attention and require special skills.

You are the happy owner of a piano or especially a grand piano then you
understand how cautious and careful it is necessary to address its relocation. To protect such a remarkably sounding musical instrument that has beauty and has pleased over the years you, your children and grandchildren. That is why, when the transportation of a piano is required, you need to be cautious in your choice of the company, that will transport of this instrument.

We have an excellent history of experience in the transportation of pianos within
Our experts make certain transportation and moving does not adversely reflect on this perfect musical instrument.

Similar services are offered by many firms, but the owners of a piano will well understand, that it is impossible to think only of cost of transportation. Most importantly - it is entrusted to professionals.




PIANO moving rome
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